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Spring Makeup - March 2018

Welcome to my first blog! Thanks for coming. I hope you find it fun, interesting and informative. Please feel free to email me with any topics you’d like me to address or with any questions you need answered and I’ll do my best to cover them here. Let’s get started!

Spring is almost here! For a Boston girl, this means quite a few things: Red Sox opening day is right around the corner; the St Paddy’s Day Parade is charging through Southie (where, after 200 green beers, everyone’s skin tone matches their shirt color); the trees are in bloom making Marlborough Street resemble a Hallmark card; Beacon Hill is flooded with newly-engaged couples posing for their announcement photos; the Duck boats are finally back in the water; and, Marathon Monday is actually a holiday‼ With all of that going on, spring is still a very short season here in Boston. We could have three months of 50-65 degree weather, more snow bombs (think: a hurricane and blizzard had a baby - not like “omg more snow is da bomb”), or summer shows up in two weeks, and it’s 90 degrees and humid. No one ever knows. Either way, we are going to prepare for the season with new colors and new looks! Here’s a short list of looks to spring ahead with, and trends to fall back (and away) from.

Let’s Talk Skin!

Spring into glowing skin, and fall back from the heavy matte foundation and the severe highlighting powders. MAC's Strobe Cream $33, Milk Makeup's Hydrating Oil $24, or Tarte's Rainforest of the Sea Radiance Drops $32 will prepare your skin to glow from within your foundation for a dewy look. Dress your cheekbones and the high points of your face with cream highlighters. Think Fenty Beauty's Match Stix $25, Giorgio Armani's Fluid Sheers $62, or MAC's Cream Colour Base $23. Try applying these with a Beauty Blender $20 to the cheekbones for extra glow.

Now, don’t panic. Of course you can still use your highlighting powders, but try going lighter with them. No one should ever see the texture of your highlighter. It shouldn’t appear dry up close. So let’s leave the super heavy mirror-like highlighting applications for the stage, the club, or the pole. (I don't know your life.) Go ahead and

twerk it, work it, and wear it, but remember - it’s powder, not plaster!! So, whether you’re in the 7:00 a.m. carpool lane, at your 9:00-5:00, in class, in church, or in the daylight, try something more cream based this spring for a gorgeous softer glow. This also works better for textured skin and even for more mature skin.


Do I dare say it?? YES! Glossy is back! Let’s shelf the liquid matte lipstick for the spring and slap some gloss on those puckers. It doesn’t have to be super sticky or heavy gloss (although that is my favorite). It can be as soft as Burt's Bees Glossy Lipstick $9 to make your lips look soft and healthy. Let’s leave the matte look for the fall and winter! Here are a few of my fav colors and textures for your kissers this spring!

Watercolor Eye Shadow!

We may end up in a fight after this one. Ready?? PLEASE press pause on the cut crease look for spring this year. Check out some watercolor eye shadows! We may have a trend here, but the watercolor eye shadow technique is created by using a cream based shadow that you "wash" right over the lid. Spring is all about light and bright, so try one of my favs for a more subtle fresh look.

If cream isn’t your thing (give it another try formulas have really changed), try washing a tea stained color over your lid this spring. This color family is my absolute favorite. Check these out!!


Here is comes… Your natural shaped brow (aka enhanced Boy Brows) is where it’s at this season. Notice “brows” is plural, so please continue to separate those sisters, and manicure them to as thick or as thin as you are comfortable with. But for the love of God fall back from adding a 90-degree corner block to your eye brows. Comb them, tame them, trim them, and fill them, but just don’t add a harsh corner to them. Let’s come together and let the squared off brow die. Here are some easy to use brow products.

I was looking around Instagram, and between the cut creases, blocked off eyebrows, and the overly highlighted faces, we're all starting to look like extras in a Star Trek episode. Please don't let this happen to you this Spring!

Happy Spring Everyone!



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